Best Corporate Gift Ideas

Everyone loves getting appreciated. Be it your employee or your client; being the recipient of a gift is always a great feeling. Giving a Corporate gift is something akin to getting a pat on your back. Employee or client appreciation is essential in maintaining business relationships.

Why is it Important?

A yearly incentive or monthly bonus speaks money. On the other hand, a physical gift is a thought-out appreciation. Such good-will gestures can go a long way in maintaining a great corporate relationship.

How Often or When Should We Gift?

A Christmas or New Year bonus is nothing new, and everyone expects it. Personalized gifts on special occasions like promotions, transfers, or birthdays can make the employee feel valued and connected to their company.

Here are some interesting Corporate Gift ideas :

  • Desk Plants

A bit of greenery is right for your eye when one of continually glaring at the computer screen. It’s an elegant gift to lighten up your employee’s workspace. Office plants that don’t need much sunlight will make a great gift.

desk plant

  • Handmade Notebooks

A Handmade Notebook is a traditional corporate gift ideas, immensely popular and sort after—a quirky notebook, for personal or professional use. Companies can choose whether to put their logo in or not.

  • Sweet Boxes

Sweet Boxes- a local sweet tasting for special occasions. Custom made sweet boxes are famous for employee engagement. Nothing can top freshly baked goodies.

  • Handwritten Letter

Sometimes a handwritten letter of appreciation or anniversary wishing can do the deed. A thankyou card on the desk or personalized email from the company head can be very encouraging.

Handwritten Letter

  • Electronic Goods

A portable charger or noise-cancelling headphones are some of the much-needed electronics in an office. It is a perfect executive gift idea.

  • Smart Watches

In this fast-moving world, getting on time is also super important. A smartwatch can keep your employee punctual and healthy. Smartwatches can help them be efficient and plan their routine smartly.

Smart Watches

  • USD-Flash drives

Personalized flash drives are another corporate gift that needs a push. Everyone needs a USB drive when everything is online. A flash drive with their name on it will make a great gift. Such personalized gifts are wholesome.

  • e-Gift Cards

An e-Gift Card is an ultimate way of personalizing your gifts. If your employee is an adventure enthusiast, get him or her resort discount card or even an Amazon card to let them choose themselves.

  • Subscriptions or Memberships

Get your employee a one-year free audio-books subscriptions or free gym membership. Such gifts are rare and can stand out.

Corporate Gift ideas can get infinite when one starts to list them. The company should consider the budget and usability of the gift. Using a company logo can appear as a marketing tool, but it can also make the employee feel being part of the company. Rather than distributing mass-produced mugs, if corporate gift is personalized, it can make the corporate-employee relationship go a long way.

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