wedding cake Topper

I wanted to express the sincere gratitude of both myself and my husband for the fantastic cake topper that you made for our wedding. I have attached three photos, one of the topper, one of the cake and topper, and one of us together with the cake and topper. If you like them, please feel free to include them on your website. I can’t even tell you how excited we (and all of our guests) were about the striking resemblance between us and our bobbles. It was one of the best “personal touches” of our day and I have already recommended your services to others!

Thank you again,
Casey and Paul Rocchini

wedding cake topper

Head Bobble,

We can’t tell you how many wonderful comments we got about our bobble-head look-a-likes on our wedding day! Everyone said how much they loved them and how they really represented our fun silly side! Thanks again for making our day so special!

Shay and Chad Wilcox

wedding cake topper

Dear May,

We received our bobble heads today; WE LOVE THEM!!!!!!!!

Thank you soooooooooooooooo very much!! We can’t wait to see and hear our guests responses & reactions!!

With Sincere Appreciation!

Lisa Dizengoff & David Ezersky!
custom wedding cake topper

custom bobblehead

May and Ken:

Just wanted to let you know that the bobbleheads of my parents ROCKED! Please see the attached pictures of my folks with their bobbles, and the bobbles alone on the picnic table – SO neat!I also shared these pictures with folks at work and – TO THE PERSON – everyone wanted to know your website because they wanted to order bobbleheads. Isn’t that great?!

Please enjoy the comments that came back (below), and thank you for all of your help along the way!



LOVE IT! who modeled their clothing or did they give you selection?

Seriously…….could your parents be more adorable!!!!! I love it.

Ok that’s like the greatest thing I’ve ever seen. I have to know where you got them

they are awesome, you got to give me the site so I can order them for my sister’s graduation.

That is SOOOOO GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
And I particularly love what your mom’s bobblehead is wearing!! She’s so “in” with her “cuffed” jeans!!!!!!!!!


custom cake topper

groomsmen gifts

Best Christmas I have had in a long time….

I just wanted to drop you guys a line to let you know how much I have enjoyed the custom bobble head my wife ordered from you as my Christmas present. I have taken a picture of him, and named him Lil T, and use the pic as my profile on facebook. I have received sooo many compliments and comments from people who cannot believe how much he looks like me.

Keep up the superb work!!

Travis an Lil T

May ~

Where do I begin? I absolutely love my husband’s bobblehead . I got it today and tore into the package. I was over the moon with the way your team captured his likeness. I showed it to everyone at my work and they were all amazed with how much it really looks like him. Thank you, thank you, thank you for a truly unique gift.

Oh my god! Better than I imagined they would be. Please ship soon. I was eating peanuts when I opened the first photo. I swallowed a peanut whole, darn near choked. These are excellent. I’m going to recommend you to many friends.

Gerry Friso

Hello May and HeadBobble.com:

Just want to send you a picture of this “success story.” My business partner and the rest of the company loved it. Thanks again!

Timothy Chang

Just wanted to let you know that we TOTALLY enjoyed the bobbleheads!
here’s what we did – we wrapped each individual box – and instead of giving each player her bobblehead, we gave each player someone else’s bobblehead … unfortunately – they thought they had an individual generic bobblehead – until we told them that the bobblehead they had was of someone else and they had to go find out who’s who! was a riot! the parents were not only laughing at the uncanny resemblance of the bobble heads but how the kids had to find who’s who …
here’s what I gave to the team mom … we went to Spokane, WA in the spring and I had a background shot of the snow and the trees – and photoshopped the bobbleheads onto it …

thanks again for your work!
Shelton Tang
IMPACT Hawaii Volleyball Club – Director

I want to thank you for your work AND TOP NOTCH customer service!!

The Bobblehead Christmas presents to my two teenagers have provided

Us with lots of smiles and laughs.

I can recommend your company to others!!


Denise Jakows

Vice President of Marketing and Public Relations

Business Development Board of Palm Beach County

As promised, feel free to use on your web site. They were the hit of Christmas.
Steve Ross

Thanks for a great bobblehead, It was a big hit!!

Mary Baltich

Ken, I hope this email finds you well.

I recently purchased 20 Bobbleheads for my Bachelor Party and for other friends and family. I want to Thank You and your company for how well they came out. Everybody loved them and they were a hug hit. What a unique gift. Your company really got it right!

I want to let you know what an amazing experience I had with your employee May. I am a demanding New Yorker who lets say had a lot of questions and comments. May was great! She helped me with all of my needs, had amazing patience and really treated me like I was her only customer. Your product arrived in a timely manner and I am glad I dealt with your company.

Once again, I was glad to have used your company and would recommend you to my friends, family and contacts. Most of all, please realize, your employee May made my experience a very positive one. You should feel very good about her and that you’re in good hands with your “store”.

Best, Adam


I meant to send you a photo of my boyfriend with his bobblehead which I had done in January. He loved it and everybody who saw it did as well! So thank you, this one was a hit!

Ken: Back last year, his birthday was January 3rd 2010, you made a bobblehead of my uncle for me for his 80th birthday and I gave it to him as a surprise gift, I have talked to you on the phone and I told you how excited he was, well I wanted to tell you he takes it with him almost everywhere he goes, he even took it to his Cardiologist and when he seen it he took it all through his office showing everyone and getting a big kick out of it and truly enjoying it, he even told my uncle Ray that he gave the doll a clean bill of health. My uncle Ray has since then ordered a bobblehead of his doctor from you that you are in the process of making right now. Tim Kinn

Dear Ken and May,

I just wanted to send you a note to tell you that I am so happy with the bobblehead I ordered for my friend in Australia. He loved it and the end result was exactly as you’d promised in your ad. Your prompt, professional service, and a quality product such as this motivated me to tell you that if you need any more endorsements, please feel free to use all or any part of this email, or contact me for a shortened version. I mentioned to May that I had gone with another company and I had to cancel my order because of the poor quality. It was a blessing in hindsight because I then found your company.

Pleasure doing business with you.


We got the package yesterday, and Jason loves it! 🙂 Thank you so much for helping me give such an unexpected gift. I appreciate you keeping in touch with me through the whole process. Jason is even thinking about getting one for his best friend one.
Have a great weekend.

Good afternoon! I just wanted to drop you a quick note to say thank you so much for doing such a great job on the bobble head! It looks incredible! She is howling with laughter in the next room as I write this e-mail because she was unaware a service such as yours exists. She plans on taking it to work with her to show all her clients and co-workers!! Thanks again so much and great work!!
Chris Jennings


Please send my sincere ‘thanks’ to your crew for the great job they did on the 3 bobbleheads we ordered. We opened them tonight, and my kids were absolutely blown away. They took pictures and texted them to their friends, and the response has been huge. Please tell Ken that I appreciate his great service and professionalism.

What a great gift!

Thanks again!

Mike Wilson
OM MY GOSH! This is Perfect! Please send as soon as possible, I can not wait to see it in front of me and to show everyone. Everyone at work has been keeping up with your work and are all excited about the finished project. You are truely talented! Thank you so much. I can not begin to tell you how much joy you will bring to my father this year and so many more years to come. You truely made my day….if only you could see my smile. Thank you so much. I will defenitly recommend you to all I know and will look forward to doing business in the future. Thank you again.
Ashley Whitt
I received the completed Headbobble and it looks wonderful! I’ve already showed it around the office and several people have asked for your contact information.

I especially appreciated your willingness to make revisions until we were completely satisfied. If you ever need a written customer “testimonial”, don’t hesitate to ask me for one.
Our son will be thrilled and delighted to receive his model for Christmas. Rest assured we will be ordering additional more headbobbles because they are so unique and the quality is first-rate!


Gary Baker
Gary J. Baker, President
The Baker Company
The bobble arrived last night and my husband and I just died laughing. 🙂 It is beyond perfect and captures my boss in every way. I cannot wait to give this to him at our Christmas party!

Thank you so much for all your patience with me and all your hard work – it is more than appreciated. Have a wonderful holiday season!

Warm Regards,

Hi there,

I just wanted to send a great big THANK-YOU to your company for the wonderful work you did on the bobble heads we just received. The ladies in my office thought it would be a fun Christmas present for our bosses. Today when we received the bobble heads were amazed by the quality and craftsmanship that went into making them. The bobble heads far surpassed our expectations and we cannot wait to give them to our bosses! Thank you for helping make our Christmas so special this year. We promise to tell everyone we know how happy we were with the bobble heads from headbobble!

Lindsey N. Foster
Administrative Assistant
Grogan & Brawner P.C.
2808 Fairmount, Suite 150
Dallas, TX 75201

On July 23, 2008, the Major Wager left port in Miami, Florida on a course
headed to the islands of the South Pacific until January 3, 2009. The crew
that made this journey possible included:

Walter, Captain aka “The BOSS” (Captain figurine)
Jeremy, 1st Officer and aspiring country music singer (Nascar driver)
Mark, Engineer and Mr. Fix It (Beer guy)
Cam, Bosun and Fish Whisperer (Fisherman)
James, Deck Hand and all around great guy (Football player)
Martha, not just a Chef but THE Chef! (Horseback rider)
Katie, Chief Stew with the perfect smile (Mermaid)
Kate, 2nd Stew and our Dancing Diva (Hula Girl)
And our newest member, Marissa from Down Under (No doll yet)


Thanks again for creating our bobbleheads! We all truly love them! Let me know if you need anything else.


Bobblehead for Police Chief of Los Angeles – William Brantton


Thank you for a gift well made. My 2 year old shouted, “grandpa” when we showed him the bobblehead. We cant get over how real it looks. You guys did a wonderful job.

Very happy with our order!!!

Carolyn Johnstone

They stole the show! Thank you, we will treasure them forever.

Colleen and Gordon Isaiah

A perfect match! Thanks a million!


We surprised our Medical Director for Christmas with one of your bobbleheads. He was very touched. Thanks for your help. You do wonderful work. Please see enclosed picture.
Garrett L.
Berkshires-Western Massachusetts

The likeness is almost SCARY!!! Everyone LOVES it!!! I think Bill and Bobblehead Bill should go in your gallery….a great advertisement. Thank you SO much for putting up with me and my impatience…

Toni M. Horrace

Thank you!!!!!!!! Thank you!!!!! Thank you!!!! My boss loves it!!! Thank you for all of your hard work. I know in the end you had to jump through some major hoops to pull this off, and it is very much appreciated! It looks terrific and it arrived this morning at 7:30 am. We are wrapping it up to give as a gift at the big event tonight!!!!

Thank you again! I will be ordering another one for me as a Christmas gift for someone a standard body and NOT as a rush for you guys!

If you want a site testimonial, let me know. I’ll be happy to give one!

Denice (TSG )

I just visited you site today before recommending you to a friend. I found the changes very helpful and easy to use. I liked the gallery shots too. Great work. We still love the bobble you made of my husband a couple of years ago. B. White

The Laura Powell bobble head was fantastic! It looked just like her! She
LOVED it. The listeners (WMOJ-fm) loved it! The only problem is that we
didn’t have more to give away! Thanks

Bridget England
Morning Show Producer
Mojo 94.9 Wmoj – FM

We love all of the Bobbleheads created by your company! We created a lot of them for a number of our VIPs, and each one of them was extremely impressed with their incredible likeness! They are such a fun & unique gift, and we will certainly continue to order more from your company. We tried another Bobblehead company, and for the same price, they created really terrible & cheap looking characters. The customer service I received is top-notch, and I appreciate all of the hard work you put in to make them all such a huge success! I will continue to sing your praises to Atlanta area companies.

Hatton Gravely
Metro Atlanta Chamber of Commerce
Sr. Project Coordinator
Andrew Young International Blvd.
Atlanta, GA 30303

I got the bobble head today. The quality is amazing and I really
appreciate the quick turn around. I will recommend you to others and we
will be ordering from you again in the future. Thanks!

Danielle Rickard

The bobble heads were received, and everything was a success!! Thank you so much for your cooperation, patience in dealing with the last minute changes, and for the excellent work. It was truly a great evening and the bobble heads were the icing on the cake…

Deana Aigner
Executive Assistant
Summit Electric Supply

I meant to tell you in my last email that the bobblehead I purchased from you was a big hit. I had saved it for four month to use on that particular persons birthday. He is the president of our company and we had a meeting with all the managers so I had a cake delivered with the bobblehead on it.

Everyone was very impressed by how much the bobblehead looked like our boss. I have emailed your website information to all of them. Some may want replicas of the boss but others may create their own for their own occasions.

Thanks for doing such a great job. It provided us all with a bunch of laughs.

Mitch Davies

Was looking for a unique way to honor a retiring boss; someone who is a great leader, mentor and an inspiration. What better way than with a bobble head…the same way we honor past Presidents and sports heroes. I received my order today and couldn’t be more pleased! What’s more, I know my boss will point to this for years to come and be just as pleased! Thanks.

Mike Hickey,
San Diego, CA.

I just got the bobblehead I ordered as a gift for my boss! The likeness is uncanny, and I am very pleased with the speed in which the bobblehead was done! Thanks so much!

(p.s. feel free to use the picture/bobblehead in your gallery!)

Thomas Bonneville

I got the bobblehead of my brother in the mail today.

It turned out great. The likeness to my brother is even more striking when
you see the head in person rather than on the photo. I’m sure my brother
Robert will get a big kick out of the bobblehead.

I’m looking forward to doing more business with you sometime down the road.

Thanks again,

Well the Bobblehead of my husband arrived today in time for tonight’s
celebration for the NCAA Championship B’ball Game (and his birthday was
March 15th.) He was terrifically surprised and I was so very pleased
with the result. It looks EXACTLY like him! It’s not often that an
actual result far, far exceeds expectations but this Bobblehead
certainly did. Thank you, thank you for such a wonderful gift idea and
such a personal and exacting execution. I am really happy! (Did I say
that already?)

Linda Harmer Morris (Mrs.)

Just wanted to let you know that I received the bobblehead yesterday and IT IS OUTSTANDING!!! I am very pleased and know that my boss is going to LOVE it! Thank you so much for your wonderful customer service and for providing just an AWESOME product! I look forward to ordering more bobbleheads in the future!


Gina Sheppard
Administrative Secretary
City of Gahanna
Service Department
200 S. Hamilton Road
Gahanna, OH 43230

I am truly amazed at the accuracy and quality of the bobblehead
bride/groom dolls that have been made for us! This will truly be the
“talk of the wedding”! The turnaround time is quite impressive, and
what an imaginative gift a bobblehead doll makes! I will be ordering

Cathy Farrell
Oswego, IL 60543

Thank you so much!!! These bobble heads turned out better than I imagined!!! I know they are going to be a HUGE hit! Thanks also for your prompt response and follow up. I’d certainly recommend your company to anyone!

Thanks again,

Julie McCoy
Administrative Assistant
Ram International I, LLC

An overdue thanks for all your help getting our order to us when we needed
it! Your service was fantastic and the product is of supreme quality! I
will highly recommend your company to all my friends!


Valerie Lewis
Director of Marketing
Point to Point Destinations
877 Hamilton Street
Vancouver, BC V6B 2R7

I just received my order. It was more than I had ever hoped for in likeness. Thank you and keep up the good work!

Tom Kahn

The Bobblehead just arrived … it’s great! Thanks for all your help to
ensure it would be here in time. I’m delighted!


P.S. Here’s a picture I shot, if you’d like to use it.


I had to send you a note to tell you how much my husband loved his birthday present, the Harley Fat Boy and bobblehead rider (looks just like him!). He’s taken pictures and is sending them to everybody. I’ve had several requests for your website info!

You do terrific work. Thank you SO MUCH!

Terresa St. John San Leadro, CA 94578

You can let your future potential customers know that we are more than
happy with the service and special attention extended to us. The face of
the custom headbobble that you created resembles the photos we provided
of the subject and the outfit on the headbobble definitely meets our

You have been very prompt and efficient with our order.

Thank you very much.

JoAnn Haberlein Waukesha, WI.

I sent in a picture of my brother, and Headbobble made a great likeness of him as a golfer. I was very pleased with the product. Thanks for your quality work!

Jim Buffington
Mokane, MO USA

I just wanted to thank you very much for your part in having our order
delivered on time. We just received the bobbleheads with time to
spare for the wedding. Thank you so much and all the best!


Hi –

I received the bobblehead in the mail today. It’s absolutely great! The features on the face closely resemble the pictures that were sent – even down to the ponytail. I’m very happy with the result.

Thank you.


They look AWESOME!!!!! Thank you so much. I know my family will love them!

Becky Tomlin, CAM
Blacksburg VA 24060

I just received my Head Bobble order. I wanted to tell you it was
awesome!! Thanks so much for doing a fabulous job!! Also, I showed it
to a few girls at work, and they plan on placing orders of their own
through HeadBobble.com.

Christine McGovern

Cedar Rapids, IA.


I just received the Head Bobbles that I ordered. Your company did a great job! I am so pleased! You captured the characters of both the pictures of the people I sent!

Thanks again!

Dr. Mary drmelbaz@sbcglobal.net


Dear BobbleHead Admin

Just wanted to let you know that I received my order – it took exactly 4 weeks to receive. I couldn’t be happier with the replica that you provided. It looks fantastic – just like my wife! I am very please with my bobblehead and will pass the word around where to get an outstanding Bobblehead that looks just like the person you want it to.


Dear HeadBobble.com,

We received our bobblehead yesterday and couldn’t be more delighted. It bears an uncanny resemblance to my husband, and we’re all getting such a kick out of it.

Thanks for your great product and timely delivery. I’ve already recommended you to a couple of friends.


Joni S.

I just wanted to let you know that I received my order and the bobble
heads look great.

Thank you,
Tim J. Miller
Phoenix, Arizona

Ken, the bobblehead came in just in time for my husbands birthday and he is blown away by how much it looks like him. Thank you so much for making this the perfect day!

Cathy Iffergan Sugar Land, TX.

Thanks so much.
I sure do appreciate it. The bobble head looks great!
My boss is going to love it!

Elizabeth Sacks

My wife just called, I reeived both bobbles today and she says they look amazing

Thanks ever so much for the work

I’d def do a testamonial 🙂


Ken Kehoe Kings Park, NY.

Just got my order in the mail today. It looks GREAT!!!

Thank you very much!

Kelly Sasser Durham, NC.

I just wanted to say that I got the Bobblehead today!!! Thanks Ken…I will def get more business sent your way!!

Have a great Holiday!!

Yves Amboise NorWalk, CT.

Naturally, the day I email you about the status is the day it is sitting on my doorstep when I get home from work! 🙂 Thanks so much for your help… This thing is great! My friend is going to LOVE it!

Happy Holidays!

John Kantorski Jr. Joppa, MD.

Excellent work!!!!

I was actually amazed at how closely the bobblehead resembled by girlfriend.

I think you’ll be getting a couple of orders from her co-workers and

about three new orders from me.

Again, thank you for making the holiday extra special.

Mark Friedman Loxahatchee, FL.

Nevermind, I got it this morning, and it is absolutely amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I’ve never been more pleased with an order! You guys do great work! This is wonderful! It really does look just like him!

Thank you sooooo much!

Stacy Hanson PARMA, OH.

Just found in neighbors mailbox! Product turned out quite well. thank you.
Taylor Moran-Gates Concord, MA.

All were received in time for Christmas. Thank you very much for you
help in making that happen. Everyone loved their bobbleheads.

Have a great new year.

John Knoll New Cumberland, PA

Hi, I just wanted to say thanks for the quick service and wonderful product.

My bobblehead looks just like my son, from his pointed chin to his haircut.

There is no doubt that it is Justin

I am very pleased.

Thank You


Jay Bury Phonix, AZ.

I received the item today. Although I was very dissapointed that I could not get this before December 25th as i was told, I must say I am very very pleased with the outcome. It was very well done and I really do love the product, it was excellent. Have yourself a good day, I am most sure I will have a few more of these bobble heads done. Thank you.

Henry Conde Tustin, CA.

I just wanted to say thank you …the bobblehead looks exactly like our CEO!

I will definitely be referring others to your web site for all their bobblehead needs!

Thank you and Happy New Year!

Loretta Burridge Mount Sinai, NY.

Thank you so much. I’m sorry for all the drama. We received the Bobble head today and I couldn’t be happier. It is Awesome! If I ever need another Bobble head you are the company I’ll come to.

Sorry again and Thank you, your product is fantastic.

Micah May Hollywood, CA.

Thanks…the debacle will not stop me from ordering from you in the future. Your quality of work looks great, you return emails promptly, and go out of your way to ensure the customer is happy, like sending me that photo.

Thanks Again,

Paul Grein Warren, MI.

Dear head bobble,

Thank you so much for the great looking bobble head, it looks Exactly like my boss.

He was thrilled!

Thank you so much for the early delivery to.

I had e-mailed Head bobble to let you know that I needed a rush job.

I was so pleasantly surprised to find the package sitting on my desk the day of my bosses party!!

Thanks again!!

Westport Petroleum
Pasadena Ca.91101

I received the two bobbles of my sons, and I’m thrilled. Their personalities, as well as their faces, have been captured far beyond my expectations. The professional packaging kept them well-protected during shipment. They’re worth every penny, and I’ll definitely recommend your site. Thank you so much.

Christine Rahn

We received the bobblehead this afternoon. It looks awesome! I presented it as a gift to my friend a few hours later and he thought it was the best gift ever.

Despite the shipping problem I will recommend you to my friends and family because of the excellent personalized service you provided.

Best Regards,

Ken Jenkins CANTON, MI

Just wanted to let you know that my brother received his bobblehead and was thrilled!!! His response was … ” I can’t believe I’m a Bobblehead!”. He was quite impressed with the resemblance. Thanks for a great job and for keeping me updated along the way!

I’m sure I’ll be ordering other bobbleheads from you! Now I want to get them for everyone!

Phil Nudelman