Personalized Bobbleheads

What Are Personalized Bobbleheads?

Personalized bobblehead dolls are hugely popular the World over. As a gift, a bobblehead statue makes for an interesting alternative to the usual aftershave, socks or movie. As a souvenir it makes for a second-to-none symbol of all that a particular period in your life represents. As a completely random spontaneous purchase, it is a fantastic surprise when, a week later, you remember the awesome gift you bought for yourself.

A customized bobblehead doll from Headbobble is a piece of modern art, personalized for you and you alone. It is a 3D capture of a person that lasts forever. None of that digital, photoshopable pixel rubbish, a 3D character piece that can stand on your mantlepiece forever more is so much more tangible, infinitely more enjoyable and always a cause for discussion. Forget images, bobbleheads are the future!

Uses of customised bobblehead statues

There are so many situations where a bespoke bobble head figurine makes perfect sense as a gift. Some examples are:

  1. As a corporate gift to encourage team-building and improve employee solidarity and attitude.
  2. As a retirement gift to serve as a reminder of a long career as a fireman, office worker or health worker.
  3. To represent an achievement in your life, such as reaching a level of your golf handicap, or finally closing a career-making deal.
  4. As a group activity you want to remind all involved of what a great time you had travelling through the Rockies, on an adventure weekend, or just as part of a social group.
  5. For a team to celebrate winning a championship, or even just to celebrate making it through a season in one piece.
  6. A pair of bobblehead statues of you and your spouse on a wedding anniversary.
  7. The unusual birthday gift for your boss, colleague, friend, sister, brother, dog or cat.
  8. An interesting desk ornament for your office.
  9. As a business card holder.

And so many more.

Why Choose for your Bespoke Bobble Head?

First off we are the only manufacturer that we know of that uses 3D modelling software combined with 3D printing to capture and create our figurines. This technology is still very much at the forefront of commercial design and manufacturing and as a customer you can be assured to get a model that is as accurate as the photos you send us. On top of this highly advanced technology we also offer very competitive pricing, meaning that for as little as $89, you can receive a tailor-made doll with your own features, sent to your door within a matter of days. Our customer service is second-to-none. If you are unsure of what you want, are having trouble with the order process or are interested in ordering in bulk for your groomsmen, work colleagues or friends, don't hesitate to contact us for a run-down of how to complete an order or the services we can provide you with. We are very friendly, and don't mind having a chat if you're not entirely convinced by our website.

Please click the body style for more detail

Male bobblehead are 6 " - 8 " tall"
  • images Lab Coat/DR. bobblehead $89.99
  • images Doctor bobblhead bobblehead $89.99
  • images Doctor with Business card bobblehead $94.99
  • images Family Doctor bobblehead $94.99
  • images Doctor 3 bobblehead$94.99
  • images Dentist with Tooth Brush Holder bobblehead $99.99
  • images Surgeon/Nurse bobblehead $89.99
  • images Executive no tie bobblehead $89.99
  • images Executive no tie 4 bobblehead$89.99
  • images Executive no tie Business card bobblehead$98.99
  • images Executive No Tie 5 bobblehead$89.99
  • images Executive No Tie 6 bobblehead$89.99
  • images Executive no tie 7 bobblehead $89.99
  • images Executive No Tie 3 bobblehead $89.99
  • images Executive with business cards bobblehead $94.84
  • images Executive no tie II bobblehead$89.99
  • images Executive with cigar and coffee bobblehead$94.99
  • images Executive casual bobblehead $89.99
  • images Executive With Coffee bobblehead$89.99
  • images Executive Sales bobblehead $94.84
  • images Shirt with Tie bobblehead$89.99
  • images Executive no Tie 6 bobblehead$94.99
  • images Casual 5 bobblehead $89.99
  • images Stud bobblehead$89.99
  • images Tough Guy 2 bobblehead $89.99
  • images stylish man 1 bobblehead$89.99
  • images stylish man 2 bobblehead $89.99
  • images stylish man 3 bobblehead $89.99
  • images stylish man 4 bobblehead$89.99
  • images stylish man 5 bobblehead$89.99
  • images stylish man 6 bobblehead$89.99
  • images stylish man 7 bobblehead$89.99
  • images stylish man 8 bobblehead $89.99
  • images stylish man 9 bobblehead$89.99
  • images stylish man 10 bobblehead$89.99
  • images stylish man 11 bobblehead$89.99
  • images stylish man 12 bobblehead$89.99
  • images stylish man 13 bobblehead $89.99
  • images stylish man 14 bobblehead$89.99
  • images Camera man bobblehead$94.99
  • images Scholar bobblehead$89.99
  • images Chinese Suit bobblehead$89.99
  • images 9" Bull Rider bobblehead $189.99
  • images Wall Street Bull Rider bobblehead $189.99
  • images Wall Street #1 Executive with suit bobblehead $169.99