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Custom Bobbleheads

Bobblehead dolls are unique and unparalleled in their apt status as the best gift or souvenir you can buy. Perfect for a multitude of events or occasions; whether it be graduations, anniversaries, retirements, Bar Mitzvahs, or weddings, you can’t go wrong with a bobble head doll from headbobble.com.

Not only does a bobble head doll symbolise the love and affection you hold for someone dear to you, it captures them in a moment, an eternal reminder of a state or feeling that they will hold forevermore.

Bobbleheads Advanced Manufacturing Process

Headbobble is the home of bubblehead dolls. With advanced 3D scanning software, we are able to fully replicate your facial features in digital form, right down to the colour and shape of your eyebrows and even, whether you like it or not, wrinkles and other endearing features . Coupled with our specialised scanning software is highly advanced 3D printing and modelling hardware that allows us to develop a tangible product from a digital model. This process, though complex and technologically impressive, is unparalleled in this industry. We offer a final product, a digitally mastered statue, that is as close to lifelike resemblance as you can currently get.

The purchasing process is simple and intuitive:

  1. Choose your doll style
  2. Select any accessories or doll adaptations you would like
  3. Place your order
  4. Upload your images

…And that’s it!
There are a couple of things you need to bear in mind. One of them is the quality of the photos that you upload. The final product is highly dependent on the resolution of the images. Meaning that if you were to upload poor quality photos, the doll you receive may not be as perfect as it could be. It is imperative that you provide us with as good quality images as you can, taken in good light, and as per the instructions here.

Custom Bobbleheads Made in the USA!

Headbobble.com has vast experience in creating personalised bubblehead dolls for famous celebrities, actors, actresses, musicians, TV presenters and internet celebrities, and offer customer service that is as personable and polite as any you will receive. If you have any questions or queries about the process or our business, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

Not only do we have the ability, but we rise to the challenge of providing bulk orders from companies requiring corporate gifts, or large orders of gifts for groomsmen. We have supplied tens of thousands of bobblehead statues to newly-weds, retirees, birthday boys and girls, and anyone and everyone looking for a way to celebrate a special time in their life. Sometimes people just want something different to place on their mantlepiece; a task bobbleheads excel in!

Fully Customizable

Our customisation options are vast. We are able to adapt any and every part of the bobblehead doll; changing colours, clothes and even developing full bespoke figurine designs as per your requirements. Just give us a call on 650-868-8616 and we can discuss what you need and how we can provide it.

Put your bespoke bobblehead in your home on a desk or shelf, in the car on the dashboard, your business bobblehead in the office on your desk or break room, your basketball bobblehead in your school locker or anywhere you want to be reminded to smile and remember the good times.

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