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Play a vital role in adding extra attribute and excitement to any event whether it is wedding, graduation event, anniversary, or birthday. They are also known as wobblers that easily catches attention of an individual. With the availability of such products one can express love and care towards near and dear ones. Moreover, they are exceptional as well as unusual gift items which last for ages. One can acquire 3D computer sculpted custom bobbleheads as per personal specifications. It is quite a stressful and crucial task to find out perfect gift item to impress the loved ones on special occasions. Hence, by presenting such exclusive accessories one can surprise family and friends in the best possible manner. is popular among people for designing attractive and extraordinary custom bobbleheads. We confer a huge collection of wobblers in order to meet your personal specification and likeness. We provide convenient and simple options of placing order online. For having a bobblehead of your face you should upload a clear photograph online. It should have side and straight profile of your face. Moreover, we are committed to provide highly appealing wobblers and nodding dolls. For manufacturing durable and unique items we use best and high-end materials.


We design Custom bobblehead as per your desire. Our unique items will add a lavish and fun-filled touch to any special occasion. Our personalized products can be used as collectible items and memorable gift. You can also show your gratitude by endowing such products to loved ones. To design Custom bobblehead dolls we use innovative technology and software in the best possible manner. We have many years of experience in delivering durable and beautiful bobbleheads of renowned musicians, celebrities, politicians, sports athletes and other popular personalities. However, such customized 3D miniaturizes are produced by utilizing poly-resin and 3D printing material that can be molded in an effective way.


We utilize excellent approach as well as 3D computer technology in order to ensure the desired outcome in the best possible way. For best likeness, we do not use handcraft process, all the 3D bobbleheads are sculpted from computer and we transfer your color picture directly into the 3D model to create a 3D color head. Our exclusive products are quite applicable for promotional purposes. You can present bobbleheads to customer or vendors on various corporate events. Moreover, with the assistance of color guide one can easily make selection of eyes color, clothing style, body style and other features within the shortest time possible. Our experts will resolve all your queries related to custom bobble head designing services. Feel free to contact us at 650-868-8616 to get more information about our products and services.


Who wouldn’t want a mini bobbin’, noddin’ version of themselves or their favorite person or pet? Why not give everyone a fun gift that shows off your fun and creative side? Bobbleheads are a sure way to make anyone smile. Bobblehead dolls by HeadBobble are unique personalized customized gifts. Perfect for every one of all ages and anyone who has a face. Surprise friends and family with gifts that do not get old, and memories that last a lifetime.


Perfect for birthdays, parties, both national and international holidays and truly any conceivable occasion or non-occasion. Give one to the birthday boy or girl, man or woman, or as party favors. Planning a special dinner party and looking to add your fun and unique touch? Here’s an idea, use bobbleheadsinstead of the customary, and indeed ordinary, name cards. HeadBobblebobbleheads are Ideal for birthday and wedding cake toppers too, and we’ll customize the bobblehead for the particular event. What’s more, you can save your personalized bobblehead as amemento of that special occasion. Show appreciation for your staff or team by making a bobblehead of everyone. With lots of outfits and themes to choose from, you’ll be sure to find a bobbler for everyone, even the most difficult to shop for individuals. And of course, it is a great way to show off the recipient’s hobbies, from golf to ballet to fishing to riding motorcycles.


Put your unique bobblehead in your home on a desk or shelf, in the car on the dashboard, your business bobblehead in the office on your desk or break room, your basketball bobblehead in your school locker or anywhere you want to be reminded to smile and remember the good times. Because that’s what bobbleheads are really all about, not taking yourself and life too seriously and the possibilities are endless. You could even use bobbleheads as ornaments and decorations for the holidays. Imagine your entire family depicted as bobbleheads and arranged on the mantel above each member’s respective stocking at Christmas, with removable and interchangeable masks to celebrate Halloween or standing next to the Eiffel Tower to commemorate Bastille day.



And with our special 3D image printing process, you will receive the most accurate representation of the bobblehead recipient. Simply send in a picture with a front and profile angle and the 3D printer is able to recreate the image. Facial features are captured to make your bobblehead an extraordinarily accurate representation. With a vast selection of bodies to choose from, you will be sure to find that special one for your athlete, boss or coworker, teacher or loved one. So what are you waiting for, order your customized bobblehead today!


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